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Work NMY - Hello Future!
TOUCHLAB - Multi-Touch Media System
WekaDev Application Development
wkresse@Fraunhofer-IGD (archive)
meine Dissertation
Vocal Music Junger Chor Mörfelden
Vocalive Griesheim
Synthetic Music myspace Page
last.fm Page
Photography my 500px Page
my 500px Page - Lost Places
SoFi vom 11.8.99
SoFi vom 29.3.06
Space & Science My Videos of our Sun, based on NASA/SDO Imagery
3D simulation of our Solar System with X3DOM
Mount St.Helens - Nightvision
Wegbeschreibung nach Pern. Beware of dragon.
Other Essential Stuff Klettern
Even More Stuff Die obligatorischen Wallpapers
Die HEyeWall - jeder sollte eine haben!
In tribute to a cat.
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